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Written on 2007-06-20 00:40:00

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I have to say your contributions were wonderful, particularly those made to the "other" category. One of the domain names suggested had such a wonderfully high pun factor and semantic richness to it that I decided to go with it outright. I have registered the domain redlinernotes.com from Network Solutions for one year, effective immediately. Now I just need to get a server up and have the DNS point to it. I was going to use an old system I have lying around the house here but it doesn't like me. I'd rather have a dedicated machine for this than serve off my desktop. That's just not good practice. I'll figure something out. Give me time. If anyone has an old system they are about to toss (Pentium II, 128 mb of ram or better) feel free to give me a call and let me put it to good use.

Thanks again,
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