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Written on 2007-06-14 18:35:00

I thought I'd take a quick break to make a work post. Things have been crazy lately and work's been hard but it's also been rewarding and I think I'm learning how to manage the stress. I went to the gym for the first time in a few weeks last night and also started reading my next book, The Future of Ideas by Lawrence Lessig. For the record, I adore Lessig. I think he's a bit brilliant and I'm sure he'll end up in my next tuesday quotables. Note: With Lessig, it is not necessary but helps if you have a bent for intellectual property notions\law. Also, I really need to make some mixtapes before I go to the beach (July 14-21). What would you put on a beach trip mixtape? Note: This is not a Cancun-crazy-party-beach-trip, this is a grayton-beach-outside-seaside (which_has_unfortunately_gotten_kind_of_huge) cozy-villa-beach-trip. Think me on a screen porch playing some blues on acoustic guitar while mom and dad sear tuna and rain falls on a tin roof.
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