2 Years later…

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Written on 2008-02-26 17:42:19

and the NSA/Telcos lawsuits are still going. The Bush Administration is still saying it was necessary to wiretap the phones of hundreds of millions of Americans without warrants. The Government is still pushing to grant retroactive immunity. And it's generally a whole big mess. Doesn't anyone (in our Government) care about privacy or the violation of the Constitution?

Sorry I haven't posted in so long (11 days). I guess I've been distracted. An essay I've working on should be up soon, as should a code/sicp update.

Here are some things to chew on and yell at your local politicans about:
Myth/Facts about Retroactive Immunity
Republicans block FISA talks
Telecom Immunity Passes in the Senate
Domestic Call Database started before 9/11

Seriously, just click yell at your local politicians if you want to help.
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