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Written on 2007-10-17 22:06:46

Here's some quality stuff I read today:


Yes, Apple is ridiculous and anti-interoperability. That is, if you are outside their ecosystem they'd really prefer to pretend you don't exist. In some cases they have to make exceptions, NTFS formatted drives, Microsoft Office/Entourage, etc. but for the most part you're screwed. Great strategy. Loving company. Count me out. The way to foster value is through openness. Just saying. Eventually, Apple will shrivel and die and all the things they invented for however many years (besides OpenDarwin\OpenStep) will be lost to everybody.


Speaking of Apple though, we could talk about the thing they get right. Design. And Simplicity. This really is a feature and don't forget it. It matters and will make a huge difference to you and your users.


Now for a change of pace. A recommendation not to learn Rails and count on successfully doing a web startup. I think the takeaway here is don't get hypnotized by the bubble hype and think for yourself.


Time for another change of pace. To languages. So here we've got essentially a LISP dialect running on the JVM with macros, immutable/persistent data structures, an optional STM implementation, and it compiles to bytecode while staying completely dynamic? Huh. Haha. Hahahahahaha! Wow. Just wow. That's awesome. I'm gonna need to write more on this.


Showing that pushing yourself is the best way to really learn and the path to follow. Experience and schooling can't match passion. And you can defeat the qualifiers myths, generally, if you can prove you know your stuff.


Two important things to note. 1: What you do and what you know effects what you can think and how you think. 2: Programmers are going to have a hard time thinking of what's disruptive with their heads buried in code all day.


And to unwind you at the end of it all? The man himself, Jeff Atwood, reminding you that you should just do it for the love and if you're not having fun, you're doing the wrong thing. Thanks, Jeff.
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