A Small Update

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Written on 2010-02-08 16:40:14

It's been a while since last post. I'm going to try to maintain that this year. If I don't have something worth putting up, screw putting something up. Maybe there will be some longer, better written essays as a result. For now, I'm putting up poetry which I haven't done in a *long* time. Wrote this one on the bus to school. Feels okay. PS: I've really fallen in love with Band of Horses first album.

I can only see another in you and
how she must wind up in 10 years,
though I barely knew her.

So you have a husband, two daughters.
Biscuits in a cafe on a cool Sunday.
A man seemingly earnest, invested.

Is this what becomes of us?
I remember it differently.
Lazy promises I made myself
about who we each would be.

Please, let us remain ever becoming.
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