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Written on 2012-08-28 20:14:15

I just saw this over on PLT Alain de Botton's twitter feed and couldn't resist collecting and reposting it here:

The Goldilocks Principle for Programming Languages:

  1. Everyone with less theoretical knowledge than me is an idiot noob whose code is gibberish.
  2. Everyone with more theoretical knowledge than me is a pointy-headed elitist whose code is gibberish.
  3. My level of theoretical knowledge is just right and my code is clear and deep.

Addendum: I was an idiot 5 minutes ago, and will be an elitist in 5 minutes. Where's my beautiful code gone?

What a charming, weird little enterprise hacking is.

PS: With any luck I've got a very cool announcement coming in the next few days. Also, blogging is a lot more fun using emacs+git. I may just start doing it more.

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