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Written on 2009-08-05 21:50:33

Tomorrow will be my 23rd birthday. Frankly, it's hard to believe that August has arrived. These summer weeks seem to be flying by. That said, I'm reasonably excited and much less stressed about my birthday than I was earlier this week. There are a host of reasons I stress over my birthday but I'll talk about that another time. Maybe tomorrow. :)

There will be a little get together at the apartment starting at 9 tomorrow evening. Nothing too particular, mostly video games but with the potential to include skateboarding, programming, music, movies and other nerdery.

Friday night Teresa and I see Devon for the first time in a while and then Saturday we're going on a week long vacation to Charleston and Williamsburg. It should be awesomesauce. Hopefully, I'll get some more Common Lisp code written.

Tonight is sort of the last hurrah of my dear friend Burke being in town. He's going back to Indiana to complete his studies at Purdue before Teresa and I will be back from vacation. He had been in town for a summer internship at McKesson. Tonight will likely involve: Sushi, Skateboarding, Music/Code/etc in that order. Good times.
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