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Written on 2010-11-07 21:20:29

Wow. It's been way too long since I've written about this. Naturally, software takes longer than expected. I also helped Leslie test features that were in beta so migrating to those and working out their kinks slowed things down a little.

But long story short, the next entry in the CL Web Primer series should be coming very soon. 7 days at the latest. If you just want to read the code, it's at

Defining a jQueryUI Datepicker presentation, 38 lines.
Defining a simple text messaging system, 37 lines.
Defining a reminder class and methods to schedule the reminder to be sent, send it and delete it, 47 lines.
Defining a form for users to fill out, a list of timezones and validation functions to ensure the input is good, 109 lines.
Putting it all together, 27 lines.
Learning about web programming (I know, giving myself too much credit there...) with Common Lisp and Weblocks? Priceless.

The site is still quite ugly and needs a lot of work and a few more features but at least it's functional now.
Until next time...
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