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Written on 2011-05-15 03:51:35

Things have been moving really rapidly of late. 11 days ago I was taking my last exam, 5 days ago I had my 3rd interview with Cox, 4 days ago I got the job offer and accepted, today I applied for a 12-month lease on a 2 bedroom 12th story apartment in Midtown with one of my oldest and dearest friends. It all feels like a surreal, ridiculous, out-of-body experience. I'm not altogether sure how to cope with or interpret the change at the speed it's happening. I've been trying to just relax and give myself time off. Soon it will be time to start familiarizing myself with Django and Python though. And there's no end of work to do on Coleslaw.

I've set up a Windows box to pursue two things I haven't in a *long* time. Some light PC gaming and Music Production. I've played with Ableton some but haven't really dug in yet. Here's hoping I actually spend some time learning about making music this Summer and Fall.

I am genuinely excited about the job and also the new apartment. Cox honestly seems like a fantastic place to work filled with smart and cool folks. I'm slightly intimidated simply by virtue of the fact that it will be my first full-time programming position and I expect the learning curve to be substantial but I'll overcome. And having a budget for real food so I can try new recipes again will be fantastic.
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