Figuring Out what to Factor Out

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Written on 2007-10-06 20:48:00

All our lives we optimize for things. That is to say, we go to great lengths making some types of experiences more likely to occur, less costly, or easier than others. We do this in relationships, optimizing for sex and sleep or perhaps a joint exploration of new vistas, for example. We do this in work and school, optimizing our behavior so that we stay very good at our present work style most often. Here are some things I would like to try to optimize for (in my life) right now:

-To put more (of myself) into what I'm doing. To be in things fully, not half way. This goes for school and work, particularly.
-To stop hating a certain someone. This is a counterproductive, eats-away-at-you feeling. Not the sort of thing that can lead to anything good.
-To choose a core subset of people that I can really care about and to love them religiously.

With regards to figuring out the future:
-To do more actual exploration by doing and less exploration by reading (reddit, for example). This (reddit instead of work/programming) is a way to stagnate. I need to optimize habits that will make me more likely to do more work and real things, especially new and creative things.
-To build a knowledge base with instead of feeling like I need to read and remember and blog about everything. is the net journal.

With regards to relationships:
-To be less afraid. To be aware that what is lost is never what is needed and that the road to come is already paved. The interesting part of the journey is walking it and seeing who joins you. I need to be more mindful of that.
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