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Written on 2008-02-14 04:18:01

Eduardo Galeano, Voices of Time, Soul in Plain Sight, pg.98:

"According to an ancient belief, the tree of life grows upside down. Its leaves burrow into the earth, its roots gaze at the sky. It offers not its fruits but its origins. Rather than hiding underground what is most intimate, most vulnerable, it bares its roots, exposing them to the winds of the world.
"That's life," says the tree of life."

I haven't fallen off the face of the earth just yet. More soon guys. I'm hoping to get a SICP progress update posted this weekend as well as (maybe) a REAL ESSAY on REAL THINGS!

Expect me to tie together transcendentalists, the green and possibly civil rights movements, and lisp. Yeah, who knows.
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