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Written on 2009-09-09 21:40:51

So, what are some good things that have been happening lately?

- Good things continue to happen around the N900. Specifically, Nokia has announced they won't allow carrier customization of the phone. Presumably, that includes jailing the user or preventing access to the terminal/root access. Here's hoping. Secondly, Thomas Thurman has begun writing a tutorial series on developing software for Maemo 5 that looks quite helpful.

- Per Vognsen, perhaps better known as the mighty psykotic on reddit, has finally got a blog up and running. I can't yet understand his first few entries but I'm glad he's putting his thoughts out there on a forum he's in control of.

- GHC 6.12.1 is nearing release. The first release candidate is planned for September 14th. Even though I'm going to be focusing on Lisp for a bit, I think the Haskellers have an awesome language and I'm very impressed with the work that's going on in GHC.

- Speaking of languages that impress, the Factor developers are chugging along as usual getting alot done. I do hope Slava releases 1.0 in the next year though. :) I won't go over all the specifics but you can read about the progress on Slava's blog. It's a pretty enjoyable peek into compiler hacking. Also, though I hoped the ARM port would be revived it appears PPC will receive that attention. C'est la vie.

- Snakes on the web was a talk given at a recent Python conference and proved pretty interesting. As I mentioned, I'm increasingly getting into webdev so hearing an inside perspective on the state of the field was fun.

- Finally, the R7RS process has gotten underway and the current proposal is to split Scheme into two separate languages. One for academia and one for industrial use, or one big, one small essentially. I don't know how I feel about this. But at this point I'm pretty Common Lisp focused anyway. And since R6RS was essentially ignored anyway, I'll wait and see how that community responds to whatever develops. The results from R7RS are still at least a year out. Reddit discussion here and here.
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