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Written on 2009-05-10 21:22:32

I'm not quite sure where to begin. The last week flew by between finals, moving and family matters. Teresa and I are moved in and mostly unpacked in the new apartment. We're pretty happy here so far. Grades are coming in and so far I've gotten a B in Discrete Mathematics and As in CS and Technical Writing. I expect I'll also get an A in Global Issues but I'm a little disappointed in my Discrete grade so maybe I'll work through some of Rosen's book over the summer.

The biggest news from last week pertains to Dad. Mom and Dad got news from the doctors that the cancer was no longer responding to treatments and was getting worse. He can't walk without assistance and has been moved into the dining room. He's now under hospice care. It's hard to say how much time we'll have with him but the odds are good that he won't make it to Autumn. I just hope he gets one more Father's Day. I'm actually off to go fix Mom some Couscous and Parmesan Crusted Chicken for dinner but in the next 24 hours I hope to get a blog post up with a tour of the apartment posted.

After that, I'm hoping to spend the week playing with Haskell, Lisp and maybe some Discrete Math or Calculus before summer classes start on the 18th. I'd also like to throw a pool party somewhere in there. As for how I'm doing with Dad, I've had a lot of time to prepare and I'm just thankful for the 15 or so years we had. That said, I expect the hammer just hasn't dropped yet. We'll see.
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