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Written on 2009-03-19 00:50:28

I've done a very poor job adhering to my schedule today. I'm still in the spring break mentality and not really wanting to work. I worked hard Monday and Tuesday. I'm not sure what happened today. At any rate, I need to remember to make myself write some Lisp, Haskell, or Python for fun this weekend. I should also probably write some C# for school.

Three quick things I stumbled on today that made me happy:
Joe Marshall continuing to talk about his history with lisp, how he found it, etc.

lib6502 by Ian Piumarta. I keep hearing that the 6502 had a really nice ISA and I'm considering whether an eventual fun project (like 5 or more years out) might be to write a basic lisp or scheme interpreter targeting the 6502. Maybe I could get away with working on it some in an Architecture or Programming Language Concepts course. Somehow it sounds tricky/crazy. Could I write one in 5 months? I'm still an idiot. Maybe I won't be in a year or so.

Last, there's some interesting guitar modeling software for PC...and articles about how to emulate other people's guitar setups, including John Mayer. Now, that may sound ridiculous...but here's something else that makes me happy that not many people know. John Mayer can play the everloving shit out of his guitar. There are a lot of little Stevie-isms in there. As in the late great Stevie Ray Vaughan, whom I dearly love. Is there anyone besides Mayer that's keeping the SRV style alive today that I should know about?

I'm still more interested in sampling than being a guitarist myself but I like to noodle now and again. Speaking of which, go back and listen to the first Gorillaz album. Great, right? :)
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