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Written on 2008-03-19 04:13:07

It's an unusually late post for me tonight so I'm keeping it short as I'm pretty exhausted. Sanford, I'll get to your comment tomorrow once I can form a coherent thought.

One, I need to get motivated/cranking on SICP again. I've made progress since finishing Section 1.2 and I think Higher-Order Functions are great but I need to move forward. If you have words of wisdom/encouragement, feel free to speak them.

Two, I really enjoyed listening to a song called Green Gloves by The National tonight. When I heard Fake Empire I wondered but if the rest of the album is this good that seals it. Have they been this amazing all along and I was just missing it? Seriously, this is the first thing since Yeasayer that's just knocked me over.

The National - Green Gloves
Found at

What do you guys think?

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