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Written on 2007-08-05 19:04:32

Dear Google,

I've been thinking about what you might be able to do for me lately. Surely you realize that you are the de facto Web Software incumbent, even in those market segments that were just born yesterday. I was thinking, you might really be able to help me out and make Orkut not pointless at the same time. Just help me find people that are reading the same things I am in Google Reader so I don't feel crazy. That is, help me find non-programmers that can't stop themselves from reading Steve Yegge, Paul Graham, Kerneltrap, TIRDC, the Redmonk Guys, Luis Villa, Worldchanging, XKCD, Patrick Logan, NJ Patel, O'Reilly Radar, Glyn Moody, Matt Asay, TEDTalks, and Lambda the Ultimate. Bonus points if you find females within 50 miles and 3 years of myself. Also, if subjects read Milosz and Kosinski in their spare time, it helps. Okay. Now please.

PS: I'm helping Ken Boa with some computer problems tomorrow. Sanford referred me. Does anyone else find this somewhat surreal? God, are you stalking me again?
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