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Written on 2008-06-30 03:34:06

So, where the hell have I been? I mean, I haven't posted in almost two weeks? What's worse is that I've promised posts on education, governance, my attempt to nail down my own philosophical views and more programming stuff. All of them are at different stages of completion.

The fact that nothing has made it's way up here makes me feel lazy though and the fact is I've been working quite hard but on different things. As I've noted here, the real world does suck it out of you. Part of that is that my job of late has drained me rather than energized me. I'm looking to rectify that. Thankfully the 4th of July is coming up. Those long weekends are always nice.

Things are about the same at the house as they have been. I feel like I'm learning a decent amount by being on my own though and I'm constantly reminded of how wonderful the people in my life are and how much I love them. Hopefully, I'll get more time to work hard, be productive and be incredible in my own right.

Also, Wall-e is fantastic and one of the best movies I've seen in a long time. It's just beautiful so go see it. Remember to love.

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