Moving Out

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Written on 2008-04-28 13:44:32

Briefly, I just wanted to mention for those that don't know that I'm moving into a new house later this week. I'll be living with 4 of my friends (Ben, Teresa, Lizzi, and Amy) less than a mile from Oglethorpe University and I'm quite excited about it. Ben and I are sharing a bedroom in the basement and the girls are upstairs. I'll also get to take Marta in to work. Take that gas prices! Anyway, organizing for the move and dealing with taxes has deterred my programming progress somewhat. Of course, my own laziness is always a factor but I promise there will be more code soon.

Other than that I was wondering if anyone was subscribed to this blog via feed (RSS or Atom) and if so what Feed Reader they used (Google Reader, RSSOwl, etc)? What's the story people?
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