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Written on 2007-07-31 15:14:07

So, I'm thinking about blowing away 15,000 mp3s. What's that? Heresy you say? Why would I after having amassed such a massive music library blow most of it away? Well, somewhat predictably I just don't listen to all 17,300 some songs too often. There are about 2,500 songs that I really listen to and those have been loaded on my brand spanking new Creative Zen player. So, do I blow the rest away and free up 60 or 70 GBs of space? It seems prudent to me. We'll see. I'm not exactly running out of space but it's a consideration.

Additionally, I should probably watch a few Google videos later. They might prove interesting. I already enjoyed the first two.
Linus Torvalds on Git
OSS Speaker Series: The State of the Linux Kernel
Building a LAMP Stack for the Life Sciences
7 Ways to Ruin a Technological Revolution
Signals, Truth, and Design
Away with Applications: The Death of the Desktop
Everything is Miscellaneous
A New Way to look at Networking
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