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Written on 2008-10-26 05:23:37

As a word of warning, my blog may be a bit flooded with good old "linkposts" for the next few days. The biggest reason for that is I had a few old sessionstore.js files laying around that I had saved for one reason or another with good links in them. The other main motivation is that I'll actually refer back to stuff I post and/or link to in here as opposed to losing it forever. So...just thought I'd warn you in advance.

I've enjoyed trying to pick up cooking a thing or two since living on my own and I'm no master chef but I'm slowly getting a bit better. Perhaps unfortunately, I've been indulging in my darker side lately though and trying to perfect a Fried Chicken Recipe. I'm trying to come up with a good almagation by experimenting with 3 separate recipes:
One, Two and Three.

The last recipe (from Google's former chef) is particularly tricky because it's industrial-sized (30 cases of free-range chicken) and uses every spice known to man. I haven't quite gotten around to converting the measurements for our portions and figuring out how much money I'd sink into a spice rack. At least the second time I made chicken was considerably better than the first. I'll take slow but steady progress.

I think next I'd like to make a Chicken Caprese. Sonya made one that was lovely back when we were dating and I've poked around for some recipes but haven't found anything quite equivalent. I remember she served it over pasta (maybe with a mushroom cream sauce). I'll probably just ask Sonya for her recipe.

I know that Teresa and I are cooking at her parents for Thanksgiving. We rather foolishly requested the task. :-) Hey, if people pay, we'll cook. At any rate, I'm planning on deviating from Turkey and running with my mother's classic Pork Tenderloin for the main course. At some point on the trip though I'm hoping to try out Pioneer Woman's Chocolate Chip Cookies and Cinnamon Rolls recipes. I already made the Blueberry Muffins and they were lovely. Pretty much everything on her site looks fantastic. Maybe it's because she starts most recipes with a stick or two of butter. *sigh* My death approaches.

I also have some recipes for Tiropetes (cheese mixture wrappred in filo bread...mmm) and Greek Meatballs that I need to try in the near future. It'd be nice to pick up homemade hummus and spanokopitta as well. Then all I would need to throw a Mediterranean cook-off at my house would be a good kebab recipe. Any pointers?

I'm also torn between two Pho Ga (Vietnamese Chicken Noodle soup, I swear by it) recipes and interested in grabbing a samosa recipe or two but they're rather abundant. A Thai Peanut Noodle recipe wouldn't hurt either. But I'll probably stick to Saigon Cafe and Rose of India for the time being to be honest. Other than that I just want to cook a Peppercorn New York Strip and bribe Dusty into handing over his French Onion Soup recipe. I tried one that was decent but it didn't quite knock me on my ass like his. I'll keep working on it.

Also, I now know I'm truly far into Linux nerd territory becuase I don't give a damn about the Gnome and Ubuntu discussions about how to envision a next-generation desktop and be competitive with Apple when it comes to user friendliness. First I had to explain to my Windows friends that I didn't care about playing video games anymore. Then I had to explain to my Mac OS friends that I appreciated control, freedom, tinkerability and programming potential to aesthetics. Now I'll have to explain to the Ubuntu people that I just want a command prompt, a tiling window manager and some package repos. :-)
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