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Written on 2008-11-04 03:41:19

At this point there are a few languages I'm set on learning, a few I'm eyeing as potential future candidates, a few languages I'll dabble in and a few I'm trying to avoid for one reason or another. I thought I'd post about them and link to their main package indexes where appropriate. I'll have a more intelligent article on languages and libraries down the line.

Languages I'm set on learning:
Scheme: Scheme has several implementations and libraries depend on said implementation. I'm a Chicken Scheme and PLT Scheme fan so I'll be using Planet and Eggs for libraries. I realize I vouched for Gambit Scheme a while back due to it's concurrency options with Termite. I hereby publicly retract that view and promise to update the On Schemes article or follow it up in the near future.
Common Lisp: I'm an SBCL fan and will happily use cliki in my library questing. ASDF-Install does the rest.
Python: Where I shall be aided through the powerful PyPi.

Languages I'm keeping an eye on:
Factor: And it's lovely indexed vocabulary.
Haskell: The magnificent HackageDB will aid me in that quest.

Languages I'll dabble in:
Lua: Bindings galore.
Perl: For use with the almighty CPAN.
Ruby: RubyGems will be used in conjunction with RailsLodge's directory for great joy.

I refuse to mention the languages I'd like to avoid. I'd likely start a flamewar for heaven's sake.
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