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Written on 2009-09-27 20:47:27

Today is not my best day but it is a nice day. The sun's out. I had a fantastic brunch with Teresa and some dear friends. I skateboarded a bit.

Unfortunately, the further I go the more I'm aware that this semester is much harder than it should be. I didn't particularly enjoy summer semester but it didn't seem this...difficult. A few months back I alleged that I was low energy but not depressed. I'm not as sure that's the case anymore. Things are too hard for me to think that everything is running as ordinary. It doesn't help that I'm not enjoying any of my classes this semester or that none of them require me to write code which is what I'd really like to be doing right now. I do feel that the best way to learn this stuff is to use it.

But in general, I just feel overextended lately. I don't believe that taking a semester off is an option and I'm already almost in the middle of this one. Energy comes and goes as does my mood but applying that energy to productive tasks (particularly some of the seemingly useless academic ones) has become vastly more challenging. It hasn't felt so hard in a long while. I'll try to rise to the challenge because I don't want to regress. Hopefully, this will pass in a short while.

At least I know what I want to be working on. Even if I don't know how to get there...or how long it will take.
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