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Written on 2008-10-06 21:53:31

A lot has been happening lately but I'm keeping my head above water and presently have enough cash to make it through November. Unfortunately, I'm keeping the car though my parents are helping me out by covering car insurance. I'd like to get rid of the car but the timing isn't right quite yet. On the whole things are going pretty well and since I'm unemployed I figured it's time to draft up a new and more accurate schedule so that I can get more done. Gotta keep moving forward.

More informative entries headed your way soon...

7:00AM - Wake up. Shower. Food. Site check (google reader/arstechnica/proggit/hn/lwn/etc).
8:00AM - Reading and writing code (presently Common Lisp).
11:00AM - Make lunch. Possibly write a blog entry. E-mails.
Noon - Go for a walk and/or skateboard. Job hunting.
1:00PM - Reading and writing code (presently Common Lisp).
5:00PM - Video games/friends. AIM.
6:00PM - Start making dinner.
7:00PM - Serve dinner and watch 30 Rock (2 episode limit).
8:00PM - Final hour of errands (i.e. bills, groceries) and/or code/a lecture.
9:00PM - Freedom.
Midnight - Asleep.
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