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Written on 2007-07-02 00:11:00

I never thought this would be so much trouble. I'm getting the ftp server up and working more on the site as we speak. It was down when I woke up because of an AT&T service outage in my area and we didn't get internet access (and consequently the site) back up until about 3pm. At any rate, I'm headed for the gym now and will come back to work on it more later. Aside from getting the ftp server up I'm hoping to get ampache installed which would let me stream whatever music I put on the machine out onto the net. It would be an internet jukebox. Yeah! Additionally, there's still lots of content and prettifying left to be done on the general site so my work is cut out for me. Especially if I want to try to migrate all the old livejournal posts on there. *sigh* More later. Wish me luck.

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