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Written on 2007-10-25 02:47:52

So, I'm going to pretend this post is less disjointed than it actually is.

I got a PS3 last week. Surprisingly some of the most fun I'm having is with a game called Everyday Shooter, which is sort of like galaga and pacman mixed together on acid. Or maybe as depicted by Hunter S. Thompson.

Anyway, I've been reading some interviews with the developer behind the game Jonathan Mak. (Yes, it's one guy. That takes you back to the early 90s doesn't it? When games could still be developed by one guy and all.) He's really cool and wrote something really cool about why games don't work as open source. It's one of the best arguments I've ever heard.

Also, I had this thought today which is possibly trite and stupid but intrigued me enough to jot down:
"There are two kinds of advances in computing. Advances in what is computable and advances in what is worth computing. P=NP is an example of the former, Moore's Law is an example of the latter."

I've also been thinking about trying to get some of my writing published (my poetry) and reading awesome stuff about Linux, the PS3, Programming, etc and I'll try to write some more about all that soon.

/*Right now, I need to stop avoiding/not writing this C Program due tomorrow. I got sort of wrapped up talking to my folks about whether or not I could transer/get into GA Tech and whether that would be a better path than being self-taught or taking time off. Your thoughts?*/
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