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Written on 2009-10-22 15:54:41

This is a test of something a little different. This will be a personal post detailing some good things that happened to me yesterday. Ya know, because that perspective is good.

Good Things that happened to me today:
My algorithms test got pushed to next Wednesday. Two days is time for me to learn more.
I setup plans to see Where the Wild Things Are with Max (possibly others...) this weekend.
I got to listen to a lot of good music: Bill Evans Trio, Bibio, Four Tet, Memory Tapes, Deerhunter, Two Door Cinema Club, French Kicks...
I wrote a simple wrapper macro on with-interrupts for ECL<->SBCL portability.
I just enjoyed seeing people: Alisa, Bansri, Christian, Elisha, Kelly, Trevis, Professor Snook, Professor Brown, pretty much everybody.
Don Gerz made a funny post on my wall.
I enjoyed reading some news on reddit and hackernews. I also enjoyed Chris Cole week at the berrics.
My financial aid finally came in. I need to check up on that Friday.
I got warned about a quiz on Friday. Always better to know in advance.
A bug I found in ECL got confirmed by Juan Jose Garcia-Ripoll. Might not get fixed right away but hey, that's something.
I defeated some (but not all) of my Algorithms homework. It's progress.
I felt attractive.
Teresa felt like making a grocery run. There was Sorbet for dessert.
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