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Written on 2008-06-04 19:36:53

Well, I've been talking about doing this for a while but I'm just now getting the time to sit down and do it. For reasons of security, this will not be a full photo tour of the house. Only a few photos of the interior and exterior. If you want to know where I live (the address to drop by or what have you), do feel free to ask. Particularly, It's easier to get me to tell you if I already know you somehow.

So, living in the house is really nice. I like my roommates, I like the location, I like the price, I like the Static IP from my ISP that keeps this website up. I'm in the basement of the house and I think that's awesome. One reason is that it stays pretty cold down there and I like it relatively cold. Another is that the downstairs is just a bedroom, bathroom, and a combination kitchen/living room with a washer/dryer room off to the side. I think of it almost like a studio apartment separate from the upstairs and that's perfect for me. We also have newer appliances than the upstairs folks. The biggest problem is just keeping it clean, mostly because my roommate Ben has some...deficiencies when it comes to taking care of himself (cooking + cleaning, frankly). I knew that from rooming with him at Oglethorpe though so it hasn't been a surprise. Any messiness in these photos beyond the floors needing to be mopped I attribute to him. :-)

Beyond here there be dragons...or something like that. Click for the photo tour.

So, this is the house from the outside. Innocent Home

It's a cozy place to hang your head. While you're wondering about the exterior I'll just mention that we have a fabulous screened in porch and patio in the back...


And the basement generally looks something like this when I come home. At least the couch and chair are comfortable.

Perhaps my favorite thing in the house and certainly something my roommate and I have enjoyed discussion and heated debate over is the library. We have a bookshelf each stocked with pure goodness (according to our own tastes, of course). We've argued about more than books though. I recently attempted to rigorously argue that books should be sorted categorically on the shelves as opposed to by size or author. Clearly, we have way too much fun being nerds. For future reference, his bookshelf is on the right and mine is on the left.

Sexy Shelves

Clearly, mine is better. The top shelf is devoted to The Watchmen (Don I've contemplated buying you a copy. You should definitely read it...), skateboarding photo annuals, video game strategy guides, novels and biographical works of individuals and companies. The second shelf from the top is devoted to popular science, political science and philosophy, essays, short stories and poetry.

Top 2 Shelves

The third and fourth shelves are quite excellent themselves. The fourth is certainly the pride and joy of my collection thus far being my programming shelf. The gold book that's somewhat difficult to read is Dasgupta et al's Algorithms, by the way. The third shelf is devoted to Open Source, Intellectual Property Law and Mathematics. I'm planning to write articles soon on "ideal" self-study undergraduate book collections for Computer Science and Mathematics. Keep an eye out.

Bottom 2 Shelves

With that out of the way let's proceed into the bedroom dungeon.

The Bedroom Dungeon...

To be honest, I sleep here maybe once every few weeks hence my bed being unmade. I'm mostly upstairs with one of my, er, roommates whom you ought to know by now... (hint). I have the far bed and Ben has the near one. It's hard to tell in this shot but his side is vastly dirtier than mine especially with regards to things on the floor. I'm omitting other photos to avoid embarrassing him (read: BANDWIDTH USAGE!!!). Let's proceed to the kitchenette thingy...

Kitchenette thingy...

And from here the fridge is behind you and the kitchen sink is to your right (I'll spare you). The bathroom I've succeeded in keeping clean but you don't get to see it unless you come over. What you will see, in all likelihood, is me trying to stay productive and have fun at my usual workstation spot. I look forward to seeing you.

The Usual Spot...
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