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Written on 2009-11-10 14:55:33

So, I'm coming up on the two week mark since my last blog post. Sorry about that. A big reason why is that I have been working on a post that might actually have some substance to it. It's still about programming and CS but it might actually have something interesting to think about. Sadly, it's not done yet. In lieu of that, I'll post some quick bits of news.

  • I've still been hacking on paktahn like a fiend whenever I can.

  • I've started playing Final Fantasy XII again. I love that game series. Also, it's soundtracks.

  • I finally caved and got a twitter account. I'm kind of embarassed but I was following a bunch of people by checking their twitter page a few times a day. It'll save time on that, at least.

  • It's rather hard to sum up all the music I'm into but my top 15 artists on Last.fm is a really good starting point. If there are any you haven't heard of, they're worth at least giving a shot.

  • I cannot wait to be done with school. Optimistically I can fanagle my way into getting credit for a literature course from my Oglethorpe days. If I do that and never get a D or F in any courses, I can graduate by December 2010. That's 5-6 courses a semester, 3 semesters a year. Otherwise, it's May 2011 for me. Blerg.

  • On Dad: I think I only really started missing him recently. I think in Summer I didn't even have time to process his death (or just didn't know what to think), August-September I was depressed and now I just miss him sometimes. It's not terrible but there's definitely a time or two a week where I'm all, "Man! I wish Dad was hear to {talk to, hang out with, listen to music with, play guitar with, play video games with, watch movies with, be a family with, etc, etc, etc}".

I was going to add a number of different "newsy" things here such as: the recent successes about PATRIOT act and State Secrets reform, the enjoyable experience of working with the ECL compiler developers, some thoughts on my first Factor program (which still needs some touch up work) and various other things but I'll leave that til another day because sadly, I have a test tomorrow to study for. More coming your way soon, folks.
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