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Coleslaw Lives!

posted on 2012-08-26 12:42:00

New Beginnings

So, Coleslaw is alive (you're looking at it) and I've done a clean reinstall on my server for the first time since 2008 or so. Thank GOD.

With any luck, I'll get back to hacking emulators now. :) But first... a test of some features! I should really overhaul the README for coleslaw too.

;; God do I love being able to write this post in emacs. And commit and push to publish.
(defun slug-char-p (char)
  "Determine if CHAR is a valid slug (i.e. URL) character."
  (or (char<= #\0 char #\9)
      (char<= #\a char #\z)
      (char<= #\A char #\Z)
      (member char '(#\_ #\- #\.))))

(defun slugify (string)
  "Return a version of STRING suitable for use as a URL."
  (remove-if-not #'slug-char-p (substitute #\- #\Space string)))

A LaTeX/mathjax test...

$$ \lambda \scriptstyle{f}. (\lambda x. (\scriptstyle{f} (x x)) \lambda x. (\scriptstyle{f} (x x))) $$

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