Another Home Stretch

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Written on 2009-11-30 00:04:07

I'm way behind on my blogging schedule. It's been over two weeks since the last one.

It's hard to believe 2009 is almost over. It's been an overwhelming year with a fair amount of negatives (dad's death, girlfriend's dad's death) but also a lot of positives (back in school with good grades, a nice apartment, fun programming projects, an internship for 2010 and a deepening relationship with the lovely Teresa Finn).

This semester has been much harder on me compared to the last two for reasons I won't elaborate on here. My last two big papers are due by tomorrow and Dec 4th, respectively. Then I'll be pretty free until exams on the 14th and 16th. I'm almost there but the end seems wildly far away. In part because I'm having trouble focusing on doing what I need to do today. I'm preoccupied with all kinds of concerns about graduating on time, finances, finding a job, where I'll be moving and other things that just flat out don't matter right now.

Though there are personal projects I'd love to work on, I may be a vegetable most of this holiday season.

Back to paper writing...
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