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Written on 2009-12-10 03:33:41

The semester is finally drawing to a close. I had my last class sessions today. Exams are on Monday and Wednesday followed by a much needed break. It's been a long 3-semester year with more twists and turns than I could've guessed. No matter what happens, the break will be here soon.

I have a variety of projects to work on over the break. I have one code base to get familiar with and another to get features and bug fixes written for. I also need to finally get around to writing the successor post to On Minimalism. Between the writings of Brian Hurt, Paul Snively and Roly Perera I'm getting a better idea what my thoughts and issues are and can hopefully come up with something good to say. I also might push out another "redlinux" release for the hell of it and have various other pet projects.

Now, for the recreational stuff. I'm going through another exploratory phase in my music listening and need to filter through some of the stuff I've pulled down from the vastness of the net. I just finished the first fiction reading I've done since...oh...Summer 2007? It felt good to read for pleasure again. I read Vernor Vinge's A Fire Upon the Deep and was thoroughly impressed. I'm looking forward to reading A Deepness in the Sky over the break.  Maybe Rainbow's End or Greg Egan's Diaspora if I'm feeling up to it. I can say that recharging my batteries will be my priority for whatever remains of December after finals. That and figuring out where I am in life and sensible goals for the next year. Of course, spending some time with Mom will figure prominently as well.
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