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Written on 2009-12-17 17:22:58

At long last, this year is drawing to a close. I've ended my semester on a mostly positive note and am looking forward to the Christmas holidays. Why you ask? Well, for a few reasons.

There are people to catch up and hang out with. I've got books to read: A Deepness in Sky and maybe Diaspora. There may be some light video gaming between FFXII and Borderlands. But mostly, I have projects. I need to dive in to the code I'll be working with on my internship next semester...but not just to get a head start. The company I'll be working with is working on some pretty cool stuff and there are plenty of places where even a naive fellow like myself could be of help, provided I don't get in people's hair/workflow too much. I want to try to get a Paktahn release out by Christmas with Leslie. That means giving a good read through of the analysis of why SBCL's PKGBUILD fails on x86_64, fixing it and getting the result to juergen. Also for Paktahn, I want to start work on a branch using Unix-options for CLI argument handling and look over/improve a proxy branch I've been working on. Maybe a unit tests branch, as well. Besides that I have some programming books I'd like to read a bit of (and you have to do the exercises!) and various other small projects to toy with.

All that has to wait until at least tomorrow though. I'm taking today off to be with my girlfriend and relax a bit. She leaves Sunday at which point I'll go full into project-mode, I expect. :)

There's probably more to say here but I'm forgetting whatever it is...and my rice is ready. Cheers.
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