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Written on 2010-05-21 13:57:52

Battle at the Berrics 3 is coming up. For those of you who don't know what that is, it's a game of Skate between some of the worlds best skateboarders. For those of you who don't know what Skate is, it's like Horse in Basketball except you spell Skate and battle over skateboarding tricks rather than shots from various parts of the court.

As I said, this is BATB 3. BATB 1 and 2 were both awesome and had some of the most ridiculous and consistent skating I've ever seen, particularly in the finals and semis. Consequentially, trying to predict who is going to win is totally ridiculous. Barring the possibility of injuries or other nonsense, the finals are just as likely to be decided by somebody having a really off day as anything else. I mean, take Mike Mo vs Torey Pudwill for example. Is *anyone* excited to call that? All the same, here is my preliminary bracket. I'll try to figure out the semi-finals and finals later. Also, if you feel like debating these picks feel free to let me know where I'm way off. Even though I'm not. I've seen the future people. This is it:


Quad 1
Chris Cole vs. Joey Brezinski - Chris Cole
Danny Garcia vs. Johnny Layton - Danny Garcia
R2 - Chris Cole
Gilbert Crockett vs. Shane O'Neill - Shane O'Neill
Greg Lutzka vs. Eric Koston - Greg Lutzka
R2 - Shane O'Neill

Quad 2
Cesar Fernandez vs. Benny Fairfax - Benny Fairfax
Josiah Gatlyn vs. PJ Ladd - Josiah Gatlyn
R2 - Josiah Gatlyn
Cory Kennedy vs. Jimmy Cao - Cory Kennedy
Erik Ellington vs. Ryan Gallant - Ryan Gallant
R2 - Cory Kennedy

Quad 3
Peter Ramondetta vs. Mike Mo Capaldi - Mike Mo
Mark Appleyard vs. Brandon Biebel - Mark Appleyard
R2 - Mike Mo
Rick Howard vs. Marc Johnson - Marc Johnson
Torey Pudwill vs. Marty Murawski - Torey Pudwill
R2 - Torey Pudwill

Quad 4
Dennis Busenitz vs. Chico Brenes - Dennis Busenitz
Paul Rodriguez vs. Sean Malto - Paul Rodriguez
R2 - Paul Rodriguez
David Gonzales vs. Billy Marks - Billy Marks
Heath Kirchart vs. Steve Berra - Heath Kirchart
R2 - Billy Marks

Q1 - Chris Cole
Q2 - Cory Kennedy
Q3 - Torey Pudwill
Q4 - Billy Marks

Semi-Finals 1+2 - Cory Kennedy
Semi-Finals 3+4 - Billy Marks

Finals - Cory Kennedy
Runner-Up - Torey Pudwill
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