Paktahn 0.9 is out!

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Written on 2010-05-18 18:16:40

Well, it's been a long spell since the last paktahn release. There are reasons for it but I'm just glad we got the release out.

The "big feature" of the release is AUR updates which I am happy to have implemented. I wouldn't have been able to get it done if versioning support hadn't been kicked off by Wei Hu (wh5a) a while back though. At any rate, AUR Updates are in as is support for the .tar.xz format which Arch has adopted for packages going forward.

Beyond that we have a new contributor to the project, Justin Caratzas, that I've enjoyed working with and hope to work with more in the future. Justin fixed a bug in how AUR packages were installed regarding whether or not they were installed as dependencies.

I should have more time to hack on paktahn this semester than last semester so hopefully there won't be a commit gap for 2 months like there was before. I'm already looking at features for 1.0 and my biggest priority is reworking the command-line option handling using astine's unix-options and then extending paktahn to support pacman's -Syu, -Sy and -Su. Then I wouldn't ever need to call down to "regular old" pacman. Other than that it might be nice to get support for Paktahn on CCL or ECL and a test suite written. CCL support is complete save catching Ctrl+C and offering restarts as appropriate. There isn't exactly a clear path to implementing said support...

Anyway, if you're a user and you find a bug or want a feature, head for the issues page and let us know about it!
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