Emacs and MIT-Scheme on Hardy

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Written on 2008-04-21 17:55:30

Okay, quick update. The feature I'm missing from edwin has a name and that name is "Scheme Interaction Mode". This feature is provided in Emacs by using xscheme.el. Just replace (require 'quack) with (require 'xscheme) in your .emacs file. Unfortunately, xscheme only works with MIT-Scheme so as far as I can tell there isn't a general purpose Scheme Interaction Mode for Emacs that works across Schemes. I'll dig around more about that. In the mean time, I got MIT-Scheme to work on Hardy by compiling from the portable C on their website as described here. It took over an hour though. It's not a solution I'm too pleased about and half makes me want to downgrade to Gutsy or switch to a distro that has support for MIT-Scheme altogether. At any rate, more on all this down the line.

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