Topping off the day

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Written on 2008-04-22 04:59:45

Okay, so today has been pretty excellent. I've really gotten a good bit done. I fixed my problem with MIT-Scheme on Hardy by just compiling a new version from source, I figured out how to get Emacs to behave like edwin when evaluating s-expressions (at least with MIT-Scheme) and I tidied up the first two SICP entries with 1.3 left for tomorrow. Finally, I installed a revision control server and moved all my code into it.

I'm really pleased about it because I've been meaning to do it forever. You may remember me babbling on about "git". That was what I initially intended to use as my RCS but I settled on mercurial and I'm quite taken with it. At any rate, to see the fruits of my labor just navigate to the new code section of my website. You can see the two different changesets I've uploaded so far and browse through the files by clicking the "manifest" button at the top, then going to books, then sicp, then chapter01. I'll do a more thorough writeup tomorrow. Hope your days were as joyful and productive.

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