MIT-Scheme is Broken in Hardy

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Written on 2008-04-15 15:57:01

UPDATE: There is a fix for this posted on my blog here. I figured everyone would find that via google but all the traffic seems to be coming here instead. Hit the link.
Now, I realize both that I can use another Scheme to work on SICP and that I can use Launchpad to submit a [patch/bug report/etc] but this is still kind of frustrating. At any rate, going to the source didn't work so I can't just use Debian's unstable packages. Going back in time and using a Gutsy or Debian Etch build might do the trick though. I filed a bug report. We'll see what happens. *sigh* Maybe they're all just trying to tell me to listen to Andy Wingo. I've been meaning to play around with F9 anyway. I always do. Distro release season is so fun and it comes twice a year! More on that later.

For the curious, MIT-Scheme when run from the command line will produce the following error:
Largest address does not fit in datum field of object.
Allocate less space or re-configure without HEAP_IN_LOW_MEMORY.
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