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Written on 2008-09-23 17:13:53

At long last and at least 3 days later than expected I'm released RedLinux into the wild. Keep in mind this is really just an ArchLinux derivative that I've had lots of fun working on. Most to all thanks should go to the awesome folks behind ArchLinux and the larch software for creating Live CDs. That said, you can now download the ISO image for RedLinux from my High-Speed Amazon S3 mirror and there is an Install Walkthrough now available. Burn the ISO to CD and reboot with it in your CD or DVD drive to try it out.

There's a new user guide at and the config files also reside in that directory. I'll be creating an individual page with an installation tutorial and a few other things in the coming weeks. There are a few other things I'm focused on at the moment but that is coming. You can of course always contact me via blog comments, IM, or e-mail if you're trying it and having any problems however.

Four quick pointers (not in hexadecimal):
1). The default username and password are guest. The new_user_guide.txt file on my website or in the home directory of the install tells you how to change it and/or create new users, etc.
2). The "start menu" so to speak is accessed by right-clicking on an empty part of the desktop. You should be able to get to anything you need from there (file manager, text editor, web browser, music player, reboot/shutdown, etc).
3). There's a run command available by pressing Alt+F2. Typing wicd-client gets you the wireless/network browser, firefox gives you the browser, etc. Wicd-client is supposed to load on launch but does not. Accidentally messed up a start script, getting it fixed and uploaded this afternoon hopefully.
4). You can install RedLinux by opening a terminal (Right-click, then Terminal) and typing "sudo /opt/larchin/run/" and hitting enter. Enter the guest password at the prompt and off you go.

I'll be updating this post and the upcoming RedLinux portion of the site as more content is available.
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