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Written on 2007-10-29 13:09:14

Monday's here and while I'm not tremendously enthused about this week there's less to do than last week as far as I can tell and the weekend was pretty fun.

Friday night it was the Halloween party at Oglethorpe. It was my standard no drinking fare but I dressed up this time (now that I'm not actually enrolled at OU anymore, ha!). Anyway, hung out there for half an hour or so I figured and generally had a leisurely evening. Think there are photos on Facebook. Yeah. Me in a bathrobe and slippers. Classy.

Saturday I had a lot of fun going with Burke to the Ubuntu Gutsy Release Party at Meehan's on Roswell. Nick took pictures and put them on planet. The best part was I re-learned how to configure wireless over the command line and heard stories about working with old Unix systems (specifically HP-UX) from Josh. Anyway, good times.

Afterwards, I hung out with Chris Blair who's now interested in Distributed Computing (specifically Folding@Home). And then I installed Linux on my PS3 which I'll likely redo with Burke Tuesday because a Gutsy PS3 release was actually made and is on Psubuntu. Sunday was again pretty much low-key but I sort of got some Java coding done. Just a little. Blech.

There's tons of cool stuff happening around PS3 and Linux lately. There's also been a lot going on in the ReactOS project and I haven't been keeping you all informed about that. Ah, well. One does what one can. I've gotten a bit addicted to reading reddit as well, or maybe just Raganwald and Coding Horror. XKCD has also brought much joy of late, as always.

Finally, I'm pretty much sure that if I continue school it will be at GA Tech (not that I can necessarily get in). I'm really not interested in continuing at SPSU. We'll see how things go and next semester may change this some but I'm not expecting it too. It's not challenging or interesting enough and I'm not studying or learning the things I want to. Next step is to see what can be done to make next semester more challenging or interesting by either transferring or taking classes at GA Tech. More on that later. Also, that opens a new problem: How does one get out of school? And, assuming I want to, how the heck does one "go back"?
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