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posted on 2011-04-01 22:25:45

The last 2 months have flown by. My time as an undergrad is coming swiftly (and happily) to an end and I'm finalizing my plans for after graduation. I said Paktahn 0.9.4 would be out by the end of February and wound up being two weeks late on that. Paktahn is out now and my users seem to be pretty happy. At the end of the day, it's all about customer service. There were a number of bugfix/point releases to 0.9.4 due to the libalpm C library that paktahn has long used having some API changes in version 6 that needed accomodating. I found a regression in libalpm though which was pretty fun.

I seem to be staring at a lot more C code this semester than usual. Aside from paktahn, one of my classes has me working on the cl-opencv library which is a set of FFI bindings to Intel's OpenCV computer vision library. This semester has been the first time I've used CL's FFI and the CFFI library and in spite of some hiccups it's been a lot of fun. It certainly opens up a new world of possibilities being able to reuse all the C code that's already been written. I remember looking into /usr/include/ one day recently, seeing gobs of C header files and feeling joy. It almost makes me want to write and compile some C myself. ... Almost. ;) Unfortunately I have more than enough lisp software to keep me busy for a spell and I hope to have more to say on that subject very soon.

Other than school I've been enjoying skateboarding, as usual, and eating lots of Sushi. And my latest musical kick, as I'm sure some of you were wondering, is Childish Gambino. Gambino is the alias of Donald Glover who you may also know as Troy from the delightfully funny TV show Community and as a former staff writer on 30 Rock. His EP and last album, Culdesac, are available on his website for free. The guy is crazy prolific. That's all for now...

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