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Welcome to the Future

posted on 2012-12-13 21:12:00

It's late 2012. I'm writing this in a gaming bar watching hopefuls for the next National Street Fighter Tournament practice. The FBI have lost track of a modern political dissident, a hacker vagabond by the name of Commander X. Last night I attended an escapist lightshow of a concert, where kids burned their brains out "like neon novas". Drones police the New York skies. My online handle is more crucial to my professional career than my "True Name". I drive a veritable supercar knowing that once self-driving cars are commercialized, classical driving could be a luxury if not slowly phased out altogether. I was born in the sea of information and raised by the sound of dial tones. The cyberpunk aesthetics of the 90s are quietly, imperceptibly interleaved into modern life. But like Alan Kay, I believe the computer revolution hasn't happened yet. My 10 year old self has everything he ever dreamed of. Time to come up with bigger dreams and see what's next.

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